Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fostering Bruce now day six

Saturday - rainy day

With the rainy morning I didn't exercise any of the dogs. As I took care of my ponies and did a few other outside chores Bruce barked and whined wanting to try to demand my attention. I just ignored him. When he finally shut up I and went and feed him.

By evening the clouds were still thick, but it was not raining so I walked Bruce on a six foot lead through the woods to the pond again. Without his morning exercise he was extra hyper, but he did control himself rather well and didn't try to drag me down the wet trail. I did a few recalls when he put a little too much pressure on the leash.

At the pond I asked for a sit and then took out the tennis ball - a new one I just bought today since I didn't have time to look for the one Bruce lost yesterday. Seeing the ball he grew even more excited. For about five minutes I played fetch with Bruce tossing the ball both in the pond and on land. He is fast and was able to jump and catch the bounced ball a few times. I wonder how he would do with a Frisbee?

He did choke a little on the pond water from time to time. He also chomps on the ball too much while trying to give it back to me and he pinched my fingers a few times. I also started to ask for a sit before attempting to take the ball back.

Down needs more work

I asked for a sit and then a DOWN before tossing the ball. Bruce sits very fast, but is having a hard time with down while playing ball. He is just too excited. He also still flops on his side for the DOWN command. He will need to get better with DOWN without the distraction of the ball.

The mosquitoes were out in large numbers and really starting to bug me so I cut the playtime short and started to head home. Bruce kept wanting to find where I had the ball and tried to circle me a few times. I shorten the leash and asked for more attention and for a heel back down the trail. I also keep stopping and asking for a SIT which I would click and treat.

Back in my yard I let Bruce back off lead and tossed the ball for him some more. The rain was holding off if not the mosquitoes. I also tried DOWN a few more times and he did do a bit better with them now.

By the way, I was told that Bruce has been adopted and will be traveling up north on Thursday April 23, 2009. I do hope he will have owners willing to keep up his training and give him enough exercise.


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