Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Chocolate male lab - Cooper

My new foster dog arrived Monday evening

Cooper is a pretty chocolate brown male Labrabor Retriever. I think he is already adopted so he will be leaving on a dog transport to the north soon. He is just with me for a short while to get a little training before his adoption. 

Cooper was delivered to my house yesterday evening. I put him in a dog yard and he cried and barked as his first foster mom and I walked away from him. He has a high pitched bark. He also jumped up and down by the gate. I do hope is will not be like Travis and start climbing out. 

First Run

As soon as my guest was gone I pulled out the goft cart and took Cooper for his first "run along". He likes to run and is fast! But he didn't try to pull my arm out socket like Bruce -- my first foster lab. He also has pretty good lungs and stamina and was able to run faster and longer than Travis but not quite as much as hyper Bruce. We went up the road nearly to the highway and then back down the road past the pond. 

First leash work -- Heeling

I stopped from time to time to let him catch his breath and do a little heeling work with him. He pulled a first but not with a lot of force.  I would like change direction and when he pasted me by and started to pull on the leash again I would change direction once again. You cannot get anywhere walking like this but that is not the goal. The goal is to teach the dog that when he feels his collar tighten that he better check on where I am going and come along with me. Cooper doesn't seem to be a hyper dog and doesn't run pass me going full speed like Bruce started off doing. 

After our outing I put Cooper in his dog crate so I would go walk/run my three dogs and my other foster dog.  He did whine and bark a bit when I first left him and he saw me leave the yard with the other dogs. 

Dog Training Tools
  • choke chain
  • 4 foot leash
  • 6 foot leash
  • golf cart
  • clicker and treats -- treats: dry dog kibble and sliced hot dogs
First Night

I left Cooper in his dog crate for the night. At about 10 PM I took him for a short walk around so he could pee before I went to bed. He was quiet in his crate all night. 


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