Monday, May 18, 2009

Foster Dog Training Time

This post is covering May 18th and this pass weedend: Saturday and Sunday May 16-17. 

Saturday May 16 - day six with Cooper

Cooper did very well on his heeling lesson in the morning -- paying more attention to where his body was positioned and my movements. Midday I took him for a rode run to my mother's house where I checked on my ponies. When I went inside to visit with my mother I left Cooper's leash clipped to the picnic table.  This time he barked a few times after I was inside and whined a little then he was quiet for the rest of the time I was inside -- about 20-30 minutes.  My sister visited with him a bit -- petting him all over and rubbing his ears. He was wanting to play and like a puppy was a bit mouthy.  In the evening I played with him in my yard with my dogs -- tossed toys for him.

Sunday May 17 - day seven

Because I have a hurt hand (hurt it last weekend moving a large plant container)  and it was hurting me a lot today I didn't take Cooper for any road running. On our times together I played toss with him and worked on some of the following lessons: Heel, Down, Down-stay, sit, retrieve, and Come. 

I also handled his his feet/toes, tail, and ears.  He did very well -- not mouthy in the begining like he used to be, only getting mouthy when I put my figures down into his ears. I click and treated whenever he let me handle his body parts in a calm manner without putting his mouth on me. He is way more relaxed with me touching him all over. I even gave him some gentle tail tugs. 

Monday May 18 -- day eight

Cooper morning started off with some toy tossing and then some heeling on the gravel road. It was cool this morning and he kept wanting to forge ahead. I kept making inside turns (turning into the dog) to get Cooper to learn to keep back a little. Also did a little jogging and reversing when he lost focus on me.

When my son left in the golf cart to go down the road Cooper started barking and whining but he didn't keep it up for long. As soon as he was quiet I went outside and asked for a sit and click and treated him for it. Then I circled his crate and repeated.


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