Thursday, May 21, 2009

New dog toy for Cooper

Squeaky Toy for Cooper

Friday, May 21: Today I found a new toy for Cooper to play with -- a plastic toy with a squeaker in it. At first he just thought is was a toy like one of the other ones I have given him, but as soon as I tossed it and it squeaked he got excited. At first he didn't know the noise was coming from the toy and he would stop and look around. Then when he was the one to cause it to squeak while retrieving it, he would drop it and look all over the ground for where the noise was coming from. He did that quite a few times before he realized that just maybe it was the toy making the noise. 

Once Cooper realized that the toy was making the noise he would drop it and use his nose to sniff and push at it trying to find the noise maker. Now he did not bring it back to me to toss any more. He wanted to find that noise maker and he would sniff, chew, poke, push, toss, and drop it. Then he would grab it and run all over the yard with it. He was having a grand time with his new squeaky toy. I went about cleaning up the yard and left him to play with the toy.

After about 20-30 minutes he finally got bored with the noise and wanted me to toss it for him again. 

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