Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cooper the Lab is doing great

Cooper is doing well with his daily lessons

He will make someone a great pet if they are upto the energy of an active Labrador Retriever. Labs need regular vigorous exercise and training for a healthy mind and body.

Self Control

He now has some self control and is able HEEL by my side most of the time without surging ahead. When he does I just turnabout and head back where we came from. When he catches up and is in the right position at my side I click and treat (clicker training). He is also getting good at sitting without being told the command SIT when I stop -- the automatic sit. 

Today when I took him to my mother's house down the road I left him clipped to the picnic table while I was inside for about 25 minutes and he didn't bark or whine.

Evening Fun

I just had him loose in my yard with my three dogs and he found an old bone to chew on. My dogs walked right pass him while he was chewing and he didn't growl or snap. I also was able to tug on his tail while he walked pass me with the bone in his mouth and he didn't mind (please don't do this to dogs you know well). I can handout treats to each of the four dogs while they are sitting close together in front of me without a problem.

He found a box turtle this evening and was chewing on it--didn't hurt it, their shells are quite hard. I was able to take it away from him -- once I got to him -- he did trot away from me a couple of times. I couldn't find any of his toys so I just played IN and OUT of his crate for a few minutes -- no more push him in the crate like I had to do a few times in the begining. He does well in his crate. I keep him there when I am not working/playing with him three or four times a day. 

I let Cooper spend sometime outside in the yard this evening to just sniff around the yard and chew on old bones he finds. He also goes after the toads in my garden. I do hope he finds a wonderful home soon.

Cooper is available for adoption at


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